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November 23, 2010

Good ol’ film

I haven’t developed a roll of film in, um, I don’t know… maybe 5 years? And let’s not get too excited here or anything, but I finally got a roll of Holga pics developed over the weekend. Even though they’re not GREAT, it’s still amazing how different the quality is, in comparison to digital.

Holga is amazing. I’m totally hooked and kicking myself for not shooting 100 rolls in the last few years. The first roll I shot, I dropped on the ground when I took it out of the camera, before I had a chance to seal the roll… so it unrolled itself on the way down to the floor. Sweet! Then I opened the back of the camera on accident in the middle of the next roll. And now I have this roll, which is a year old. I waited forever to develop these because it’s hard to find a lab that develops 120 film these days! It turns out that one of the few places in LA that still does it is right next to my house. I have a new favorite photo lab.

And now I’m inspired to go through the last 9 months of pictures and get started on Dashiell’s baby album. Maybe it will be a project over the holidays when we’re in Mammoth. It will be do sad if I don’t ever print his photos. I still love looking through the albums my parents have from our first years.

April 23, 2010

chihuly installation at the Salk

My dad took a bunch of beautiful photos of the Dale Chihuly installation in place at the Salk Institute right now. The Salk is definitely one of the most noteworthy (and unbelievably beautiful) architectural properties in San Diego. It was designed in 1959 by Louis Kahn (midcentury!) and is constructed entirely of concrete, with wood details (I think teak if I remember correctly), marble, and water. My mom works there so she gets to walk into the expansive courtyard every morning on the way up to her lab. Nice workplace vibe, no?

I’m quite fond of Chihuly’s seaforms, but this is all nice too. Especially that old boat. Mmm. Old + new always looks good together.

Thanks for the photos, dad! And hope you all have a pretty spring weekend.

February 11, 2010

mod alpha prints

For spelling your baby’s name? Or just for pretty decor…

Plus she makes all sorts of neat prints for hanging around the house:

JennSki on Etsy.

I love etsy. It is a magical place for the wasting of time and the spending of money.

(note: the above names are not necessarily names on our list.)

September 10, 2009

andrew bannecker art

Look how cool his illustrations and prints are!

WHY DOES HE NOT MAKE POSTERS FOR ME TO BUY? or small prints to frame? He does actually, but not the ones I want. Okay, I would take one or two… debating.


via oh joy

Andrew Bannecker the website, and the shop.

April 29, 2009

MOMA is free on friday eves

And by some strange coincidence, every time I come to New York I happen by MOMA at the perfect time. Which means I haven’t enjoyed an uncrowded gallery in many moons, but I don’t mind the people so much.

There’s a neat works on paper exhibit on right now.

I love art that is meticulous and organized… because I could never have the patience to make such a thing myself.

But I also adore things like RR’s huge mixed media pieces

and quilts made from little pattened paper

and elizabeth peyton’s dreamy portraits

And just going to see art in general. Which we have lots of here in LA, but I never seem to leave my backyard on the weekends… must do something about that.

February 19, 2009

andre balazs prints for the standard

In doing a teensy bit of snooping around The Standard‘s site before we left, I found these:

So awesome. I love his whimsical patterns and shapes and groovy colors. Kind of wanting… but I know I do not need. Prints are like tea towels in my life… I just like to have them so I can visit them in their drawer every once in a while when I need to look at something pretty. I am comforted by their presence alone. Which admittedly is a little weird.

Also, in case anyone else is heading to Miami, definitely recommend The Standard. Esp if you can get a good rate. We liked that it’s small and stylish and simple and off the main drag. Tall hotels scare me.

February 5, 2009

alec soth at the national portrait gallery

These are like opposing perfections:

If I lived in DC, this exhibit would be part of my weekend plans.

Via NPR (the other love of my life). Rest of his work here.

January 13, 2009

officially a poladroid convert

seriously, this is the best toy since… well, camera bag.

and winter afternoon light is sooo pretty for taking pictures.

January in our yard = rose hips, paper whites, seed pods and carnival colored camilias.

(Thanks jora for reminding me to download poladroid. I don’t think I can live without it ever again.)

January 2, 2009

hwy 395…

a perfectly beautiful vintage road trip, no matter how many times we take the drive.

I’ve been up and down this stretch of California at least once a year (mostly more) since we moved back to this thoroughly excellent state when I was 5. It took me a long time to appreciate the Eastern Sierra, in it’s old time desolation and dirt and pine and peaks, but now i just ADORE it.

Also, if you have an iPhone, and you don’t have Camera Bag, you are missing out on the most excellent application/activity/photo medium/car trip game ever invented. I can’t control myself. Everything must pass through Camera Bag. Everything.

Happy New Year all!

December 22, 2008

the other kind of photobooth

I’m kind of torn. We set up a photobooth for my company holiday party on Thursday night… okay WE is the wrong word. I had nothing to do with it. I was busy with the crudite and cheese platter and mixers for the champagne cocktails, but you know, WE as a company set one up. ANYWAY. It’s pretty f-ing fun. And now I’m thinking is this better than real photobooth action? I like the teeny pictures from real photobooth but I like the artistic freedom that this allows, you know? we had pictures with people doing handstands and sitting on the tops of ladders. it was pretty good.

I’m not going to say who, but it’s highly possible that SOMEONE had 1-2 too many ddlllrinkity-ddllrinks.

Disclaimer – we DID have a professional photographer friend set this all up for us with nice lighting, etc. But I think some wedding photogs can do this too.

Also, after your wedding, every party/event must be executed with wedding-like attention to detail. Which is not always efficient or necessary. You’ve been warned.