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Archive for the ‘baby + kids’ Category

October 20, 2011

Thief & Bandit Kiddos

I love the little navajo leggings I bought Dashiell last year from Thief & Bandit. And guess what? Amie has launched a new kids shop! Hello! So much cuteness in there just for kiddos.

(omg, he’s such a little guy in this picture!)

We’re going to need a new pair of leggings for sure. Probably a sweet tank top for next summer and maybe this rad snake shirt too. Dash is very into snakes right now… or SNAH, as he calls them.

And for a super extra surprise, Thief & Bandit is offering Lovely Morning readers a 30% for the next week! Hooray! Just use the code LOVELY2011 when you check out. All of you need sweet snakeskin leggings for your babies!

I hope someone buys this amazing quilt.

(PS. The discount code is good through next Thursday.)

(PPS. I might need this tank for myself.)

October 4, 2011

Julia Rothman’s Farm Anatomy

Continuing with the farm trend this week, I definitely just bought Julia Rothman’s new Farm Anatomy. For Dashiell of course. Because he likes farm animals and gardens and books. NOT for me, who likes farm animals and gardens and vegetables and books and Julia Rothman.

I love it when we find books that I love as much as Dashiell does.

Other current favorites include Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things that Go (which was a favorite of mine and my brother’s when we were little ones) and Joelle Jovliet’s Almost Everything. Which is just beautiful no matter how old you are.

Via Design*Sponge.

September 20, 2011

Bink & Boo newborn booties

These booties from Bink & Boo are just about as cute as they come.

Pretty sure they are worth the splurge. I would be v. tempted if I had a teeny one again.

Via the Lil Bee.

September 16, 2011

Child’s Own handmade softies

Isn’t this idea the cutest? You send in your child’s artwork, and Child’s Own Studio turns their creation into a plush friend.

Thanks Juliana!

September 8, 2011

Here comes fall

I have a little guest post up on The Littlest today, while the lovely Elizabeth is traipsing around Italy with the hubs. It’s about my favorite season.

Pop over and share your favorite fall activities, with or without kiddos, if you like!

September 7, 2011


Pretty sweet new site (or at least relatively new to me) that lets you buy and sell gently used, high-end baby stuff. There are lots of great cribs and strollers on there, people.

If there’e one thing I’ve learned about baby stuff, it’s that you do not NEED to pay full price for new things. Someone might have just what you want, in perfect shape, because it just didn’t work for them. But it will be your favorite thing you’ve ever owned. Or at least your baby’s favorite thing. Perfect example: our Bugaboo. It’s a fantastic stroller, but once we got our BOB when Dashiell was 4 months old, we put it away for good. We used it as a really fancy snap n’ go, and the bassinet as Dashiell’s bed, which worked out great. But for our lifestyle the BOB is a much better stroller. So had we not planned on handing it down to Melanie and Sky, (and then taking it back for baby #2), I might have considered selling it.

If you’re planning your nursery and/or registry, this one’s worth a click for sure.

August 18, 2011

Belly + baby

A few photos Melanie and I took before and after little Luciana arrived, inspired by this photo we found on Pinterest.

And because I know there are plenty of pregnant ladies and mamas out there, might I recommend reading Melanie’s beautiful birth story too? Yes it’s marvelous when birth goes as planned, but it can be just as powerfully transformative and truly magnificent when it doesn’t.

And Melanie has taken to motherhood like no one I’ve ever met. The way her child did or didn’t enter this world can’t change that. Welcome to the littlest one, and to the newest member of the mama tribe!

I love this phase of life.

August 8, 2011

Pretty scrap bags from Purl Soho

I’d love to think I actually used fabric enough to justify scooping up these scrap bags from Purl. One day I’m going to learn to quilt, but judging by the amount of spare time I have at the moment, I’m thinking that hobby might be decades away.

Perhaps I will make a quilt for my baby’s baby. Only one generation later than I planned.

August 5, 2011

Cute baby boy clothes from Tea Collection

Do you guys know Tea Collection? I’m sure lots of you do, but if you don’t you must spend a few minutes checking out their children’s clothing. Dashiell has a few pieces and they really are some of my favorites.

His little blue plaid hoodie shirt makes him looks so grown up and stylish.

Love the neutral colors and embroidery on this mexico-inspired top.

And their PJs are my favorite we’ve had so far. They’re nice and sturdy, they wash well, their slim fitting (for slim little guys), and they come in the cutest patterns. They’ll definitely be our go-to until the little mister is too big for them.

Plus their newborn patterns are super cute. And I don’t even want to get started on their girl clothes. I just got the catalog in the mail and I could barely stand to look at the little dresses and knit leggings.

Also, as bonus, they have a ton of stuff on sale right now! Including all of the things Dashiell is wearing. Might need to stock up on a few more PJ sets while I can!

***UPDATE: Tea Collection, including the tops Dash is wearing, is on sale on Haute Look today!

(Thanks Tea Collection!)

July 27, 2011

Go the F*ck to Sleep

Please, PLEASE. Parents of children who have at times refused to sleep reliably come bedtime (or throughout the night), READ THIS BOOK.

It will at least provide a bit of much needed comic relief. We nearly cried while reading it with Melanie and Sky the night of their baby shower (a very hilarious gift).

Oh man. Those were the days. I can happily report that Dashiell now excels at sleeping and in particular going to sleep. There is hope! But wow, those first 5 months. I’m certain I muttered, or at least thought these very same things many times.