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March 15, 2012

Potter & Butler on sale now in the Pop-Up Shop!

It’s been a while since I shamelessly promoted the Pop-Up Shop over here, hasn’t it? With all of you beautiful mommies planning parties for your bebes, and baby showers for your friends and sisters, I figured you guys might love the pretties from Potter & Butler as much as I do.

BONUS – they’re on sale in the Pop-Up Shop until tomorrow eve. I’m probably going to have to stock up on pommy decor for the next few years.

Yet another compelling reason to have a girl this time around – I can plan parties that involve poms and fringe and delicate flowers and teeny cakes and things. Also the clothes. I mean, obviously.

Sale closes Friday at 6PM Pacific… but the cutest things might sell out before then.

October 20, 2011

Thief & Bandit Kiddos

I love the little navajo leggings I bought Dashiell last year from Thief & Bandit. And guess what? Amie has launched a new kids shop! Hello! So much cuteness in there just for kiddos.

(omg, he’s such a little guy in this picture!)

We’re going to need a new pair of leggings for sure. Probably a sweet tank top for next summer and maybe this rad snake shirt too. Dash is very into snakes right now… or SNAH, as he calls them.

And for a super extra surprise, Thief & Bandit is offering Lovely Morning readers a 30% for the next week! Hooray! Just use the code LOVELY2011 when you check out. All of you need sweet snakeskin leggings for your babies!

I hope someone buys this amazing quilt.

(PS. The discount code is good through next Thursday.)

(PPS. I might need this tank for myself.)

October 19, 2011

31 Bits in the Pop-Up Shop

Hi-dee-ho! We haven’t had a Pop-Up Shop post in a while, have we? I like the philosophy behind 31 Bits and their jewelry is pretty cute too.

Thought some of you might be interested in making a discount purchase, ya? Head over to the Pop-Up Shop for some shopping if you like.

September 9, 2011

Recent Etsy wants

How about for Friday we all just window shop a bit? I haven’t trolled Etsy for a good while, but last night I got stuck, and here’s what I found.

Love this vintage linen wall hanging for a mod kitchen (the entire shop is amazing),
this bright potholder from Pamwares,
that beautiful blue skirt and blouse for fall,
these gorgeous garters would have convinced me to wear one for our wedding,
and I’m fairly certain I’m not going to make it through the day without purchasing one of these awesome necklaces.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend. We have no plans (YAY), except dinner out with some friends. It’s going to be perfect.

July 26, 2011

Geronimo Balloons on sale in the Pop-Up Shop!

This sale is too good not to share, you all. Gorgeous, special edition balloons from Geronimo are in the Pop-Up Shop this week. I think there are still some brides-to-be out there reading this blog, but for the rest of you, how pretty would they be for a baby shower or birthday party or really any festive event? 50% off this week, peeps.

Photos by Love Me Sailor and Hak Lonh of Champion & King.

May 19, 2011

garden prints

I’m feeling very into the backyard right now, as you can probably tell. These garden prints from Red Cruiser on Etsy would be so perfect in a mudroom, or flower-arranging room (like Martha has), or just near the back door so they can remind you what you have waiting outside.

The strawberries and cream print… obviously perfect for the kitchen. And the little seed saver envelopes are just super cute.

April 22, 2011

a load of tea towels

I was doing some snooping around yesterday for an InStyle article for 100LC and got lost in the tea towel selection on etsy. There were so many pretty ones, I had to share.

From Skinny Laminx, Leah Duncan (love her stuff!!!!), Claudia Pearson, Knife in the Water, Margot Bianca, Katherine J. Lee, Frog Goes to Market, Giardino, and the sold out Lotta Jansdotter. Hrrrmmphf.

Have a sunny weekend!

December 2, 2010

Cactus & Quail is here!

Jaime has been working on this little project for some time now (along with the teeny project in her belly!) and I’m so excited that she finally launched Cactus & Quail! It’s a week of launches, isn’t it? She’s got such a great indie design style and her invite model is so cool. You buy the illustration, add your custom text, download the file, and print it yourself at home! Or she’ll do totally custom work too. Plus she’s got a little Flea Market where you can buy prints and other little projects that she concocts.

Cute, no? I ordered my bamboo birdie ornament this morning. So excited to have a little Jamie project on our tree! Shoot, I definitely should have added one of her rad pink and brown prints to my purchase. Must go back.

AND, she’s also one of my sponsors over there in the left column. Say hello, sponsors! They’re a great bunch of ladies and they’d probably like some company, so anyone who thinks their little project would be a good fit for my readers, email me! Rates are cheap, since I’m just starting out and all.

October 14, 2010

Paloma’s Nest holiday

I’m a little scared to be actually posting about holiday stuff already. But I do love Paloma’s Nest. Like A LOT. And fairly certain we will need a little Dashiell ornament for our tree this year, to match the one from our wedding. (Side note: now that we have a rocking chair, we do not have room for a tree. Should be an interesting decor challenge.)

When I was little, I always loved unwrapping my baby ornament at Christmas and picking the perfect place on our tree. Which means I must spend the next month finding the perfect one for Dashiell.

Look what PN has in store for us this year:

Custom letter garland!

Gift tags.

Animal ornies

Tiny initials.

And little buttons for your handmade gifts.

Plus lots more. Whichdoibuy whichdoibuy whichdoibuy.

October 1, 2010

Some Etsy for Friday

Trolling Etsy never ends well. Yesterday I got lost and came up with a few nice things I thought I might share.

Pretty, simple embroidery from The Merriweather Council, (perhaps good baby girl decor?):

And Miniature Rhino now makes constellations! How cute.


Green enamel

and rustic yellow earthenware. I would love this for mixing things.

An old wooden tote:

would make such a pretty vessel for flowers at a party.

A fan cage:

Makes such a pretty display for air plants, doesn’t it? On the right wall, in the right grouping, this would look excellent.


Perfect, pale.

And milkaLOOM is now making

pillows and table runners. Mmm. Table runner.

I could go on. And on. Forever.

Happy weekend. Maybe it will be fall by Monday?