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December 22, 2015

Oven dried oranges for Christmas

Should we just pretend that me posting on this poor blog is business as usual? And I haven’t taken an approximately 3 year hiatus from being a blogger? I think that’s the best way to approach our relationship at this point. We have had instagram this whole time, after all. So… hi!

I have no idea why or how I chose this moment, 3 days before Christmas, when I am frantically trying to finish up work for the year, and cross off items on the to-do and to-buy and to-wrap and to-make lists that are floating around my house. But here we are. I needed to share these, I guess. They are so simple and beautiful and you could totally make them tonight. Or tomorrow. Or even on Christmas eve.

I have never made them before, for the record, so even a novice can be highly successfully at this simple DIY. We’ve made about 6 batches so far, which means that our oven is pretty much constantly running at 150 degrees. It’s nice to know that something is always happening in the kitchen during this time of year.

Slice oranges as evenly as possible to ensure uniform drying. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and lay them out like cookies. (Great activity for little hands, btw!) Slide them into the oven at 150 degrees and let them be. For about 6 hours. I’m serious. It takes way longer than you think!

I’ve been flipping them every so often so they dry evenly. And I should note that my new range is kind of amazing at not burning things. The 1949 O’keefe & Merritt at our old house would have fried these babies in 1 hour, I’m sure. This is to say that having an oven that keeps a nice, consistent, low temperature is key.

Once you get the hang of the perfect cooking time, they come out looking almost identical to the fresh slices you put in. And they look beautiful tied onto the top of present or strung up as a garland.

I hope someone out there makes them too! They are going to be a new tradition at our house for sure.

Merry Christmas!

November 18, 2013

A fall mobile

I love mobiles. We have one in the kids’ room and one in our bedroom, and I love that they add just a teensy bit of whimsy to a space. The guys and I collected a bunch of things around the neighborhood during a few morning walks and Dash and I finally assembled our little project last week. By assembled, I mean Dash cut bits of thread and leftover leaves with his scissors at the table (his current favorite activity), and I assembled the mobile. But the point was that in the end we made the project together.

The only supplies we used were an embroidery hoop, thread, and baker’s twine. Plus the spoils from our walks.

I love that it hangs over the play space. I like to think it makes Dash feel accomplished that he made something for our home, with his little fingers. I know it reminds me that it’s not *that* hard to make just a few minutes of time to create something meaningful with my kids. Instead of always spending my free time doing dishes and sweeping the floors and catching up on emails. Eew. Making things is so much better, for all of us.

April 21, 2011

Mexican paper flowers

There’s a quick tutorial up on 100LC today for those of you interested in making Mexican paper flowers. They’re so easy and so fun and festive! I’m making a bunch for SIL’s baby shower in June.

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. My plan to unplug a bit and not have insomnia by not spending the last 2-3 hours of my day staring at the computer screen has meant that I occasionally (often, apparently) don’t have anything to post in the morning! You understand, right? I’m trying to figure it all out. Also I have an eye twitch at the moment, which means I’m even less inclined to stare at the computer any more than necessary. Hoping to get outside this afternoon and plant. I majorly need a break from pixels.

March 14, 2011

Deja’s kraft paper gocco’d invites

My dear friend Deja is getting married in (according to her count) 47 days. How do I know this? She tells me every time we talk. It’s so cute. Plus her shower was on Saturday so I just got an update.

I helped her out with her pretty kraft paper invites and they are finally finished and mailed and in most people’s hands. Which is so exciting. I love it sending a project off to it’s final destination.

The little touch of gold ink really gussied them up, don’t you think? I’m in love with gold on kraft at the moment.

We tied them up with black and white baker’s twine and pretty vintage gold thread. Such a cute little package.

Next I think we’re going to tea dye shipping tags for her escort cards. Yay.

January 31, 2011

Weekend business

Hitched was this weekend in Palm Springs. It was super cute and lots of fun, but it meant that the entire week was full of frantic snipping and tying and styling for Amanda and me. And driving. Lots of driving. But there was dancing too, which made it totally worth it.

pretty succulents for our table

pickled jalepeños

painting our biz cards

And a little peek of our table. I am a crazy person and spent all last week embroidering the sampler. WAY underestimated how long that would take.

Also, I finally got to meet Jamie and Elizabeth in person. That was awesome. And thanks so much for saying hi Courtney! Your little girl is so cute.

More photos from the pros on 100LC soon.

January 20, 2011

things pink

For my dear dear friend Jen – the lovely lady getting married in Costa Rica. Her sis threw her a cocktail party bridal shower on Saturday eve and I offered to make invites and poofs.

I’m not sure how things got so pink. I sort of lost control at paper source and ended up with fuchsia envelopes and everything spiraled from there. Bridal showers are supposed to be pink, are they not?

And of course had to make the beet and fried chickpea salad from Lucques for the party. It’s sooooo good. Melanie is most definitely going to post the recipe. Promise. She’s just a little swamped with moving at the moment. It will be worth the wait.

December 23, 2010

Merry Holidays!

I’ve been completely MIA this week! The prep for Christmas + finishing up some work + closing out 100LC for the year + making xmas cards + making last minute bridal shower invites was just about all that I could handle.

Here’s a little peek at our Christmas card that is miraculously going in the mail BEFORE Christmas. (Oh yes, I DID. Vintage Christmas stamps!). We’ll be up in Mammoth next week, frolicking in the snowiest December EVER, but I’ll be popping in with some holiday things. So excited to show Dashiell the snow. He’s going to freak out!

Hope you all have a gorgeous, joyus week! Love to you all.

December 2, 2010

Cactus & Quail is here!

Jaime has been working on this little project for some time now (along with the teeny project in her belly!) and I’m so excited that she finally launched Cactus & Quail! It’s a week of launches, isn’t it? She’s got such a great indie design style and her invite model is so cool. You buy the illustration, add your custom text, download the file, and print it yourself at home! Or she’ll do totally custom work too. Plus she’s got a little Flea Market where you can buy prints and other little projects that she concocts.

Cute, no? I ordered my bamboo birdie ornament this morning. So excited to have a little Jamie project on our tree! Shoot, I definitely should have added one of her rad pink and brown prints to my purchase. Must go back.

AND, she’s also one of my sponsors over there in the left column. Say hello, sponsors! They’re a great bunch of ladies and they’d probably like some company, so anyone who thinks their little project would be a good fit for my readers, email me! Rates are cheap, since I’m just starting out and all.

October 27, 2010

Wooden spool toy

I picked up a copy of ReadyMade last week for the first time in years. It’s definitely more refined than it used to be and kind of a strange combination of indie crafts and Martha Stewart and budget Dwell? It used to have projects like “Make a tool box out of your old snowboard deck!”, and now it has recipes for an Indian dinner party. Definitely a step in the right direction, IMO. It’s actually pretty cute.

And look what I found on the last page:

A super simple and very cute toy made from vintage wooden thread spools. I happened to have a handful of these in my sewing drawer that I bought a a flea market years ago. Insta-toy!

I used two colors of leather (to make it cuter, of course) and actually tied knots between each spool, which gave it a little more movement. It’s so perfect for little teethers. And it took literally 4 minutes to make. I was feeling so Made By Joel this morning! (side note: he has another super cute use for spools on his blog right now.)

Dashiell snatched it right up the moment he discovered it on the living room rug.

Just reinforces my revelation (shocking, I know) that babies are so happy with things you find around the house. Yogurt tub, cracker box, magazine, ANYTHING made of cardboard. They’ve proven to be much more entertaining than most toys you can buy. Now if I could only come up with these ideas on my own.

October 26, 2010

Paper + Craft

Paper + Craft showed up in my mailbox while we were away for the weekend! I’m fairly certain it was sent because we posted about it on 100LC ages ago when we first found sneak peek photos online. But it’s sooooo perfect for crafty moms, I had to post about it here too.

First, it’s gorgeous. It’s small and paperback, but printed so nicely. The projects are concepted and crafted by Minhee and Truman from Paper + Cup. And the photos (by Johnny Miller) are styled by Randi Brookman Harris (who is a styling genius if you ask me) which means it’s completely satisfying just to flip through the pages. It’s so inspiring. And making me very excited for the planning of our first baby birthday party. I’m a little afraid I’m going to approach it like a mini-wedding. Which is a big problem with blogs and blog-born projects: they feed us TOO many good ideas. Sometimes it’s thoroughly overwhelming.

Look what’s inside:

See?? Don’t you want to make everything?!!

Highly recommend it. For yourself and/or (probably both) for a gift.

Of course it’s from Chronicle. I’m fairly certain they publish the best books in the genre. Buy it here.