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October 15, 2010

Baby bean bags

FIRSTLY, you can subscribe to my feed now. I hope. There’s a little icon in the right column for you reader peeps. Or you can just click here. (Pls. let me know if you still have problems!)

Next, I finally got around to making a little set of those bean bags I bought from M•O•M for Dashiell, for a friend’s baby. Born in June. I’m a wee bit behind.

They’re really pretty easy to make. Little squares, sewn into bags and filled with lentils.

They are so perfect for tiny hands learning to grab and squeeze and toss. And such a great way to use pretty fabric scraps. I think they’re going to be my go-to present for new mamas.

Let’s all go on and enjoy the weekend now, shall we?

September 16, 2010

Liberty scraps from the mail

Fabric, I love thee. Even though I am barely competent with my sewing machine and have learned that sewing things yourself, while satisfying, is not necessarily less expensive than buying them premade.

I was hunting around Etsy for some bits for our Hitched decor and found this lovely Liberty print with tiny white leaves. Which I thought was black and white. So I purchased it, along with 2 other little pieces for good measure. Once you’re paying for shipping from the UK, you might as well add a few extras to your purchase, after all.

And then my little package came in the mail yesterday (which I had already forgotten about, is that a sign of a problem?), and my perfect B&W Liberty print is actually navy. But still very very pretty. And by some stroke of luck, I actually picked two other patterns that make up the perfect trio.

If only I were a quilter, and had about 23 times as much fabric, I’d be set. So the question is, what do I do with these? Again, if I had a girl baby the possibilities would be virtually endless. But I don’t. Any ideas? I’m actually don’t mind just keeping them close to my breast and adoring them for their perfect, soft, silky cotton-ness. But I would also like to actually make something from them one day.

September 7, 2010

this and that

A few things I’ve been up to of late… and by late I mean in the last 5 days.

more ciabatta

they look good, but honestly they leave a little something to be desired.

The squirrels have been feasting on our sunflowers.

Piles of fabric everywhere.

Major crafting for Hitched.

Are any of you going to it? It’s going to be a pretty awesome party. We’ll have a DIY table set up so please stop by and say hi!

August 26, 2010

Crib bumpers 2.0

So the first set of crib bumpers I made were sad. So sad that I had to make a second set. I used the wrong kind of batting, I cut some of the fabric BEFORE washing it, I improvised on dimensions.

Note to self: sewing is not like cooking in that you can’t just get the gist of the project from the instructions and then do whatever you like. Especially when one’s sewing skills are barely competent.

But this new set turned out great. Or at least good enough. The sad part is that I didn’t have enough of my extraordinarily cool vintage Marimekko triangle fabric for the whole set of bumpers. But I did have a different vintage Marimekko pattern to use for the long sides and do you know what? I kind of like the new combo better. I love it when that happens. And I love that these are nice and neutral, but still patterned enough to be interesting. And the neon ties are pretty fun too. (Though they make taking a good photo really hard!)

It’s so satisfying to have such cute little pillows lining Dashiell’s crib. But I will not be starting an Etsy business making custom crib bumpers, like I thought for a fleeting second whilst in the middle of the first failed set. Wrangling 170+ inches of fabric and batting and pins is not something I want to be doing on a regular basis.

I used the instructions in Lotta’s Simple Sewing for Baby, in case any of you feel like taking this project on yourself. The hilarious part about this whole adventure is that in like a month, I’ll have to take them out anyway so the little monkey doesn’t use them to climb out of his crib. But for the next baby they’ll be all ready to go.

August 18, 2010

made by joel

Jamie posted some of his amazing little toys yesterday and I’m shamelessly reposting them because I’m kind of in awe of his parenting prowess. He comes up with the cutest little projects to keep his kiddos entertained. If I am ever half as creative with playtime, I will feel like a crafty queen.

little, repurposed wood scraps

a cereal box marble ramp

mix and match wood animals (I would buy these, btw. Pls sell, Joel).

zipline toy

and toddler stilts. Perhaps the best idea ever.

How apropos, considering our new project. Recycled kids toys. They feel so much better than the new exersaucer we just bought. BUT BABIES LIKE EXERSAUCERS!!! And I don’t think Dashiell would be quite as entertained if I stuck him in a cardboard box. Though I could be wrong. He does love a good magazine-ripping session.

My question is… once your kids are old enough are you just flooded with inspiration to make things like these? I hope so.

June 24, 2010

Simple ribbon garland

I think I’ve made it clear that I will love bunting and garlands forever and ever. But the same old same olds do get a bit tiresome when you see them every single day, decorating every single DIY wedding on in the blogosphere.

But isn’t this a cute, pared-down version?

Excellent way to use up little bits of ribbon, me thinks.

From Naturally Nina.

February 10, 2010

more gocco thank yous

Every time I finish a gocco project I wonder if it will be my last. Actually, I know this one won’t because I still have a few more bulbs left. But when are the supplies going to disappear altogether? And should I get a Yudu? Does anyone have one? I definitely like that it’s non-toxic…

For now, I still have gocco to print things like Thank You cards for our shower:

Pretty simple, but it was all I could muster yesterday at the computer. Now this morning will be spent actually filling them out and addressing them and stamping them.

I love checking things off my list.

Seriously though, would love to hear what people think of Yudu. Please share.

January 10, 2010

gift baskets… the semi DIY way

I am very in love with giving big baskets/bags full of homemade goodies for the holidays. There’s something so satisfying about seeing all sorts of treats wrapped up in their own packaging waiting for someone to taste. This year wasn’t an exception, but I did take a slightly different, slightly less labor intensive route.

I realized while I was trolling the farmer’s market in December that there are plenty of really nice goodies and ingredients for sale, grown and packaged by nice local farmers, that people would enjoy just as much (arguably more depending on how successful your baking goes) than strictly homemade things. I still made a handful of treats, but I combined them with some of my favorite things from the market.


Chestnut Poundcake (wrapped up in parchment and baker’s twine for cute factor)

Picked from the backyard:

Bay Leaves

Purchased from the market:

Smoked heirloom tomatoes
Chili Garlic pistachios
Heirloom beans

Plus in this particular basket (for Carol… hi Carol!) I added one of those cute 2010 tea towels from Hello Handmade.

I don’t think I’m ever going back to making everything myself. This was is so much more manageable and so much more interesting. AND so much more reliable. I made pear vodka one year and it fermented. Always nice to give people rotten gifts.

And nobody would be sad to get a pretty basket some time OTHER than December… but I never remember to give these during the rest of the year. Mental note: baskets of treats make good summertime birthday and fall housewarming presents too.

January 9, 2010

More bunting

My dear friend Jessica’s baby shower is today. We’re due 3 days apart. Isn’t that so fun?

I went on a bunting tear while we were up in Mammoth (you can make a lot of flags when you’re not snowboarding), and here’s a little peek of the set I made her:

(That’s a wooden dear head in the background, FYI. We’re not hunters or anything).

Hers turned out soooo cute. I attempted to steer clear of pink, but turns out that’s not possible when you know you’re buying fabric for a baby girl. But I mixed in some nice neutrals and oranges and blues too. It is manageably feminine set of flags.

Those in the background are the ones I made for our baby. I seriously had the entire living room of my parents’ house up there strewn with flags. Everyone was a collective good sport about the baby shower themed New Years.

Also, I LOVE my new sewing machine. Love love love love. I feel oddly complete as a mother-to-be now that I have one that I can reliably operate on my own.

January 6, 2010

Must make for 2010…

the year of the child.

I’ve started a bookmarks folder for all the awesome kiddie projects people post around the blogs. It’s getting full. Already. But for sure we’re making this for the summer. HOW CUTE would that be in our backyard??? With lights?

(we couldn’t possibly fit it in our house, unless we sold all of our living room furniture).

Tutorial on Smile and Wave, via A Desert Fete.