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Archive for the ‘every trip is a honeymoon’ Category

March 8, 2011

Dashiell goes to Costa Rica

Apologies in advance that nearly every single photo of our trip from Costa Rica contains my baby. He’s a much better subject than, well, pretty much anything else. We had just the best time. And we’d love to spend another few weeks in St. Teresa/Malpais. (We never did figure out the difference). The longer we were there, the more we liked it.

Aren’t his Zebi Baby bloomers the cutest? He wore them almost exclusively. And thoroughly enjoyed playing with large tropical fruit.

Our days went like this: Pool – Beach – Nap. Pool – Beach – Nap. Pool – Beach – Dinner – Bedtime. It was pretty good.

Lots of sweet little restaurants with pretty good food.

Lots and lots of smoothies and juices.

Fully enjoying being the center of attention.

Playing dice with friends in the evening.

Judah and his awesome parents show up and now we have TWO of the cutest babies in all the land on our hands.

The expression of the trip. Also, cannot recommend that Phil & Teds clip on highchair enough! We take it everywhere.

Birthday breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a birthday crown:

The wedding.

And the beautiful bride:

I seriously wish we were still there. I could get used to eating fruit and avocados and living in only a swimsuit and sunscreen. We’re all excited about taking a little “sabbatical” once our kids are old enough to appreciate living in a tiny, spanish-speaking beach town. But that’s years off.

March 1, 2011


But all discombobulated and exhausted and behind on life and work and the house is a disaster and we’ve got a birthday party to plan for Saturday. We were only gone 10 days but it seriously felt like we were gone for a month when we opened our front door at midnight on Sunday night.

The trip was so so great. We wanted to stay another week at least. Maybe a year? Dashiell has proven to be an excellent traveler, which means hopefully he’ll be getting a bunch more stamps in his little passport.

More photos soon.

February 16, 2011

Packing for Costa Rica

This trip I am DETERMINED to only bring the bare essentials. Like, for serious. I am a compulsive over-packer. As in, I bring 12 tank tops for a 3 day trip to Palm Springs. And I usually wear two of them. But this trip, since we have so much baby crap that we can’t leave behind (crib, diapers, stroller, carseat, etc etc etc), I’m really trying to whittle my gear down to what I’ll actually use.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

1) My new Salt Swimwear suit 2) the perfect wrinkly button down 3) a handful of favorite tanks 4) AG slouchy jean shorts I’ve had for a few years and FINALLY fit into again 5) Linen wrap for cooler nights and nursing on the airplane/airport/ferry/anywhere 6) Lululemon undies that fit like a dream and will be easy to wash in the sink 7) a big, neutral beach hat 8) and of course Rainbows.

Plus a pair of yoga pants, a change of running clothes, a few tees, a maxi dress or two and a sweatshirt. And of course my bridesmaid dress! Now, the real question is, can I resist throwing in 30 extra things at the last minute?

February 9, 2011

Tips for an overnight flight, with a 1 year old

I’m calling in a favor, experienced mamas out there. In a week, we’re heading to Costa Rica. It will be our first flight with Dashiell and it’s a red eye, that departs at 1:30 am. We chose this particular flight because it’s the only direct flight from LAX to San Jose, and I figured shorter would be better.

So now comes the favor. HELP! We need tips on getting through this with as little drama as possible. The way I see it, we have two options.

1. Put Dashiell to bed at home at his normal time (7pm) then wake him to get in the cab at 10/10:30 and proceed to the airport, security, etc. Once we’re through security, put him in his carseat (attached to the stroller) and hopefully lull him back to sleep before we board. Then hopefully transfer him in his carseat to his airplane seat and hope that he sleeps for the entire flight.

2. Stretch his bed time til, if at all possible, 8. Get him all ready and then get in the cab, check in, go through security, etc (with an over-tired baby) and then settle him into his carseat/stroller set up and proceed as mentioned above. This option will get us to the airport approx FIVE HOURS before our flight is scheduled to leave. But is it worth it to have him fall asleep once, instead of waking him in the middle of the night and jostling him around at the airport?

Or if there’s a third option, we’d love to hear it.

Need advice. Bad.

February 7, 2011

Palm Springs

Twas an excellent weekend out in the desert. Short, but they always seem to be.

A few hours at the Ace on Saturday. This photo pretty much sums up the scene, if you ask me.

The lovely lady of honor.

St. Germain cocktails (with Rosé) supplied by Katie (a, shall we say, insider at St. Germain). So delicious! That nifty carafe is part of the gift set, which is super pretty and also ensures that you make the perfect cocktail every time.

Grapefruits aplenty, from a tree at the house. I took an entire bag home, obviously.

February 4, 2011

Off to the desert

Staying at this totally rad house with a bunch of girls to celebrate the bachelorette.

Which means mama’s sleeping in on Saturday morning, in the desert. Maybe. Except I’ll probably be sleeping on a couch.

It’s going to be 80º. Scared for swimsuit but stoked for sweating by the pool, with perhaps a cocktail in hand. Am also feeling as though I need a new wardrobe to properly dress for the desert, but I think I’ll be bringing my standard spitty rags. Wish me luck.

January 17, 2011

Look who’s getting a baby passport

So amid all the crazy work and social/family obligations I have going on, we’re also attempting to prepare for our trip to Costa Rica next month. Which means, obviously, expediting passports because instead of sending away for them in September like I’d planned to, I have yet to fill out an application. But we did get photos taken yesterday.

Is there anything cuter than a baby passport!?!

And mine is no longer valid since I’ve changed my name. Even though my current one has only been used one time. Mildly irritating, don’t you think?

Plus I’m attempting to plan someone’s first birthday party. Okay, I’m considering attempting to plan the first birthday party, for the weekend after we get back from our trip. Would I be a terrible mother if we just celebrated his birthday in Costa Rica with some cold beers and a dip in the ocean?

He’s going to be so international turning one out of the country.

November 4, 2010

Berkeley, very quickly

I may not have ever expressed how much I love Berkeley. I am deeply in love with it, in many many fairytale like ways. And I’ve never lived there. Just long to. And every fall, before during and after our yearly trip to the Bay, I bring up my favorite topic: when/how will we move to Berkeley. I am a broken record for 3 months of the year. Poor husband. He went to school there and likes it well enough, and isn’t opposed to living there even. It’s just never really worked out.

So you can imagine my joy at being able to spend just 48 glorious hours basking in it’s sunlight and flavors and smells and people. Especially since I didn’t expect to make the trip this year. Though I did think about coming home pretty much every minute. Babies do that to you.

Lunch at Chez Panisse, coffee at the original Peets, Cheeseboard (x 2), Andronicos, Monterrey Market, Gregoire. And it wasn’t nearly enough. I wanted to pack my entire suitcase full of food and abandon my clothes at Becca’s. Instead I crammed as many Cheeseboard rolls and pastries into my purse as humanly possible and called it good enough. Even though everyone knows the Cheeseboard is only really good when it’s fresh.

But the real reason I was there was to meet this little man and help his auntie (my bestie) take care of him and his mama (and her family) for a few short days.

Master Emry. He’s soooo tiny. It’s inexplicable how in 8 months I could have forgotten how tiny new babies are, and how foreign that part of parenthood feels now. But it was awfully sweet holding the little guy. He just sleeps and coos and sleeps. Which is quite lovely and seems so easy. What was all the fuss about!!

But then look who was waiting for me when I got home yesterday:

I think he got older while I was away. Definitely cuter. Probably older.

So happy to have been in one of my favorite places. So happy to be back in our little nest.

October 25, 2010

from Palm Springs

We had such a nice, relaxing long weekend out there. We didn’t really do anything. Mostly just played with our baby and watched him tour the grounds under his own power, which was plenty exciting. I’m usually one to rent a house for vacation, or at least stay somewhere with a kitchen, but for the first time in a long time, I LOVED not having to think about what we were going to eat for the next meal. No dishes, no chopping, no stirring… just “I’ll have the omelet”, and Poof! Omelet appears.

And on top of that, I wasn’t constantly trying to get things done around the house while entertaining Dashiell. Instead I just did whatever he wanted all the time. Which was so excellent. We all had a brilliant time.

Dashiell made lots of friends.

And sat with us at breakfast in a high chair! Which was pretty exciting for everyone. He is obsessed with coffee cup jackets. Is it okay to let him chew on them? They are sooooo entertaining.

We even played a bit of tennis. (The Parker has clay courts!) Tennis is not so much like riding a bike, in case you were wondering. As in, when you haven’t played in a year and half, it’s a little rough getting started again. But it was super fun.

And we ran into Jora! Who was out for her sister’s wedding on Friday. Such a fun surprise. And then we saw Kelly and Paige and their hubs at dinner. It’s a small place, Palm Springs. And I wish wish wish I had a good photo of this amazing, ahem, bachelorette appropriate head piece Alexis made for our friend Deja’s bach party weekend. It was so so cute. I snuck out on Saturday for a taco party at the Ace with the girls. It was kind of crazy, being out at a bar again.

Finally, today is our real anniversary. 2 years. And look what #1 husband got for me:

The Rifle recipe box. It’s so big and pretty in real life. I’m so excited. He’s the best. The kitchen is covered in squash and I’m so ready to start cooking for fall.

It was a perfect little family weekend away. Happy Anniversary, my love! Every year (and there have been 9 so far, for the curious) gets better.

September 29, 2010

Costa Rica suggestions

So we’re going to Costa Rica in February for a dear dear friend’s wedding. Yay! International travel! Very exciting. The wedding is in Manuel Antonio, where I’ve actually spent a little time before, so during the week before the wedding we’d like to rent a house somewhere else and just relax on the beach as a family.

Our current, very loose plans are to spend that week in Montezuma. Has anyone been there? It’s supposed to be a nice little hippie/surf/yoga town that meets all of our requirements. Ie. houses for rent, a beach, an organic cafe and plenty of Imperial beer. Bonus points for hikes to waterfalls close by. And perhaps most importantly, it’s only a few hours from San Jose. We’re trying to avoid long days in the car, especially because Costa Rican roads aren’t the most reliable. From there it’s only 3 or so more hours down to Manuel Antonio, which is definitely doable.

So what I’m asking is, do any of your have 1) other recommendations for towns that also meet our criteria and/or 2) if you’ve been to Montezuma do you have any recs if we do end up staying there? An excellent 2 bedroom house to rent would be an especially good tip. You guys always seem to come up with good advice.