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April 10, 2012

A boho summer party + shop

Oh, look! More flowers. I swear I’m not secretly trying to become a florist. But we put together this super cute shoot for 100 Layer Cake in my backyard a few weeks ago, and I got to play with flowers again. Which is always fun. Also, there’s a whole mess of awesome stuff on sale in the shop right now. Just sayin’.

And Scott got a cute photo of bebé #2 for me. See? So much better with the belly shots of late.

Here’s a peek at the shop…

Poufs (in like 6 colors) for $118! Wedding blankets! Indian bedspreads! Plus tons more in the Pop-Up Shop right now. You know you need a pouf. I bought the brown one. So excited.

(Party photos by Scott Clark)

January 12, 2012

Loves of late

My dream kitchen in Martha January.

These simple candle holders from Commune Design and Adam Silverman/Heath. (Also these leather coasters.)

This circus themed collection at Baby Gap. Took much restraint not to buy SOMETHING. (Waiting for the sale, obvs.)

Estella NYC stripey tees on super sale. I love them so much! But they run small, so beware.

Beautiful flower prints from Kari Herer.

These new undies have definitely replaced Hanky Pankys in my book. Seamless is so the way to go.

These Chilewich utility mats have appeared in three rooms in our house. I love them. (Also love Grounded in Encinitas! Super cute, modern store.)

And current must-have every day? Homemade almond milk. I’m not sure it qualifies as a craving, per se. But I was very out of sorts the other night when I didn’t have any for my after dinner treat. I love you Vitamix.

November 7, 2011

Heath + Alabama Chanin collaboration

As mentioned multiple times on this blog, I do not need more Heath. Certainly not another large shallow serving bowl, of which I have two.

BUT. Look at this beauty, hand detailed by Alabama Chanin. Makes me think I might be wrong?

A small beautiful collection is available now. Desperately trying to rationalize buying at least the salad plate, but I’m having difficulties.

October 11, 2011

Recently in print

Some things I like in the magazines lying around my house:

Giant pumpkins from Martha. Aren’t the colors beautiful?

Fried roots, in Sunset.

Heather Taylor‘s house, also in Sunset.

Flavored butters, in Bon Appetit.

Flavored madelines, in Martha.

I always get so excited when I look through them, dog-earring the pages and everything, and then rarely return to actually DO anything with the things I like.

Anyone have a good system for actually making use of all the great ideas out there? They always seem to slip away from me, or the next month’s stack arrives and I move on.

June 7, 2011

The Glow

As if any of us need another site to obsess about! But The Glow is just gorgeous. Mamas and babies in their own space. Love.

via Simple Lovely.

May 24, 2011

a giveaway for a nursery

The baby kind of nursery, not the plant kind. We’re having the house painted next week, which means we effectively have to move out for a few days. Which is like uuugggghhh. Everything off the walls, removed from countertops, etc. And it’s turned into a rather satisfying bought of spring cleaning for moi.

I’m selling things on craigslist, giving things away, even having a garage sale on Saturday. It’s pretty awesome. One thing I’m ready to part with, but would like to see in a good home, is the strand of bunting I made for Dashiell’s room before he was born.

It’s served us well but now that Dashiell is such a big, mature guy I think he might need some updated decor. More manly and suitable for a 15 month old.

Plus I figured one of you might love some patterned flags to decorate your bebe’s room? They’re unisex, so as long as you don’t mind oranges and blues and browns it should work no matter who’s in there.

Leave a comment by the end of the week and I’ll announce a winner on Monday. Hooray! I do hope one of you wants it.

April 6, 2011


Do you guys shop design/story? It’s kind of awesome, though I’ve admittedly never purchased anything. It’s like Gilt or One Kings Lane, but for neat, designy, modern things.

And they often have kids stuff too. Like tomorrow when the Offi Kids sale starts.

As with all good deals on the internet, one occasionally prefers to keep them to herself, so she may reap the benefits whilst others go on unaware of what they are missing. But considering I so far only window shop, I think I should share the wealth.

Sign up here!

March 10, 2011

toys organized

I’ve been meaning to organize the toy situation for months now. It’s harder to keep things under control than I anticipated! We’ll just say that my vision for the sort of toys my children would be surrounded by and the very well-intentioned gifts that have been bestowed on us throughout the course of the year don’t always line up. Does that make me a bad person?

I resolved to clean the toys out, donate those that we don’t need, and create a place for Dashiell where his toys are organized and accessible. I want him to know that it’s his little space and that each toy has a place (roughly), instead of just heaping everything into a pile.

I nearly donated a set of old West Elm nesting tables too when I realized that they would actually make pretty good temporary shelves for Dashiell’s play area.

Tis not perfect, I could still do a bit more pruning, but the toys have been thinned and the corner of the living room that was previously a sad, messy, dead space is now the perfect baby-size activity center. And he is so happy in there, throwing books on the floor and burying his little blocks under the couch.

I feel like I can breathe again. Yay.

February 17, 2011

the most beautiful patterns

From Peter Fasano. Fabric and wallpaper. One day I’m going to make use of one of these patterns in my house.

via Katy Elliot.

January 24, 2011

Little Vintage

Doesn’t everyone want their baby to be clothed and shod and surrounded by vintage french things? Elizabeth posted Little Vintage last week and I just about lost my mind on Friday morning trolling through their wares. I need to have a semi-midcentury vintage french nursery next time around!!!


Their bassinet selection is truly amazing.

Le sigh.

You know what’s awesome? We HAVE that fisher price horse!

Oh yeah! It was my first birthday present and (of course) my mom kept it. Dashiell plays with it at my parents’ house now. And we just found this set of vintage tinker toys at my grandparents’ house a few weeks ago. Also have those stashed away for later.

Which makes us kind of cool? And practically French?