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January 24, 2011

Little Vintage

Doesn’t everyone want their baby to be clothed and shod and surrounded by vintage french things? Elizabeth posted Little Vintage last week and I just about lost my mind on Friday morning trolling through their wares. I need to have a semi-midcentury vintage french nursery next time around!!!


Their bassinet selection is truly amazing.

Le sigh.

You know what’s awesome? We HAVE that fisher price horse!

Oh yeah! It was my first birthday present and (of course) my mom kept it. Dashiell plays with it at my parents’ house now. And we just found this set of vintage tinker toys at my grandparents’ house a few weeks ago. Also have those stashed away for later.

Which makes us kind of cool? And practically French?

November 10, 2010

Xmas at IKEA

I think like everyone I have a strong love-hate relationship with IKEA. Sometimes it’s genius and sometimes it makes me want to stick needles in my eyes, rather than finish building whatever it is that’s spread in splinters all over my living room floor. I’ve taken to avoiding complicated furniture and that truly does make a difference.

For instance, earlier this week Dashiell and I took a trip down to the nearest store for a high chair. Child is 8.5 months old and is still eating in his Baby Bjorn bouncy chair. Oops. We found an excellent high chair with a huge tray, that’s super solid and as a bonus, red. Yay.

But we also found all sorts of good Christmas decors:

The cutest tall, skinny cocktail glasses. A set of tins for wrapping things like cookies and breads and other baked goods. ($7.99 for all three, btw). And some simple straw ornaments. (I love Scandinavian holiday decor. All things Scandinavian, really. But especially their patterns, and straw things, and furniture, and glassware and textiles.) I highly recommend checking out their seasonal items. They also have a really great straw wreath, similar to the one I bought last year from Roost. And cute patterned paper bags for wrapping.

Such a typical IKEA trip. Go in for ONE thing, leave with a car full of assorted items, feeling sort of dazed and high from the sheer number of inexpensive modern products and swedish meatball aromas.

October 13, 2010

Recent goodies on the internet

So, I’m back. New blog for me! So satisfying.

100LC is still not finished. We had an especially obnoxious hack into our blog and new site, which has set us back yet again. Hopefully that’s been resolved. And hopefully we’re inching closer to launch. But in the meantime, there have been lots of nice things floating around the internet while I’ve been not blogging.


This nursery in Covet Garden. How great are those tightly grouped poofs! (via unruly things).

Handcrafted Modern: At Home with Midcentury Designers. Yummm. (photo by Leslie Williamson)

Amanda’s thoroughly amazing list of must-have children’s books on Peonies & Polaroids. Grouped by age. For Littles, Tiniest Littles, and the Slightly Bigger.

Fall, savory muffins on 101 Cookbooks. From an indie vegetarian cookbook, Martha Goes Green. It’s published in Melbourne by a little group of designers, which had me dreaming of all the amazing meals we had while we were over there. And reminded me of some of the things I wanted to try to recreate. Perhaps I will post some food-related honeymoon pics. I never got around to doing that. Hmm.

This super cute invite spotted on seesaw designs.

And Pintrest. Have you heard of it? I’m in love.

August 19, 2010

the best way to display children’s art

This is from the September Martha:

Pretty much perfect when it comes to decorating your child’s room… especially when it happens to have 15 foot ceilings. Not that I’m envious of the house or anything. But even with normal person ceilings, this is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a while. Definitely filing this away for a future must-do project.

(PS. isn’t it scary when you start getting September magazines? Am not ready for apple bobbing and talk of turkey.)

August 11, 2010

Sunset mag

Every month when I open the new Sunset I think, I seriously need to do a post on how much I love this magazine. And then I promptly forget once I’ve read through the pages and dog-eared half of them. I had to email myself last week to remind me to do this post.

In a few words, it’s pretty much a perfect magazine. And now that Gourmet is gone (though perhaps making a comeback?), it’s even better. It has most everything I love about life: food, gardening, backyard patios, home decor, living in California, little trips around the west, and a smattering of trendy ideas, like airstream trailers and gourmet ice cream shops. It doesn’t have any fashion or make up tips or relationship advice, thank god. It’s so relevant to my life at this moment, which is exactly what the perfect magazine should be. Yay Sunset! You’ve seriously stepped it up in the last year.

Let me show you around the latest issue:

It’s the national park issue, which couldn’t have been more perfect timing considering when I picked it out the mailbox we were just packing for Yosemite.

Best river float: the Merced, through Yosemite Valley. It IS pretty awesome, though we couldn’t partake this year with the babe. Here’s a little secret, the Merced is actually more beautiful up the in Yosemite backcountry, about a day’s hike out of the valley. But you can only enjoy it if you’re backpacking. One day we’ll backpack again.

Glacier… one day we’ll go there too.

An awesome little spread on repurposing found objects: a shutter succulent garden,

Sewer pipe planters,

And a gate made from old oars. Pretty genius.

A pretty, wine-racked kitchen.

A rustic cabin modern remodel. Yum.

A family of pioneer caretakers in Montana.

I love a good set of raised beds.

Gastrique. A balsamic vinegar, fig cocktail mixer. I will be making this at some point this summer.

Peak season recipes.

And party ideas.

Plus the Sunset website has all sorts of great stuff too. Like a summer canning guide (we all know how much I love to can), growing and eating tomatillos (yay! I have tomatillos growing out back), and a photo gallery of modern cabins.

I could go on, but I will let you explore a bit on your own.

October 19, 2009

a rocker

I was highly unproductive this weekend, in terms of having anything interesting to show yous, but sometimes it goes like that. I’m embracing my time to be unproductive while I can.

We did do like 1 million errands though, which always feels nice. And made a grand master list of all the things we want to get done pre-baby.

And I found our rocking chair.

The Risom Rocker from DWR. yayyy.

I’m of the belief that one should not fill one’s house with things for baby that you wouldn’t like to have in your house if you didn’t have baby (stroller and crib and some other necessities notwithstanding). Especially when it comes to plastic things, but that’s a different topic altogether. I know we need a rocker, but I just cannot stomach one of those huge poofy lazy-boy-for-moms upholstered gliders. Apologies to anyone who has and loves theirs, I’m sure they’re terrifically functional, but they make me want to throw up a little. If we’re going to buy a rocking chair, I want it to be a chair that we will enjoy in our home forever, not just while I’m nursing 12 hours a day. Naive? Probably, but let me exist in my fantasy world while I can.

It’s expensive, and we might not end up getting it. But I’d rather spend a little more on a beautiful piece of furniture that we will keep for always. Plus I haven’t even tested it out yet. Of our 1 million errands, none took us past a DWR. So that is a project for this week. Maybe the floor model with be on sale.

We’re going to end up blowing our entire baby budget on our rocker and our stroller, but really, aside from diapers and a breast pump, what more do we need for the first 6 months?

Also, I purchased my first official piece of maternity apparel. Milestone! I am so thankful that I live in the age of premium denim. Those poor moms who had to come before us were forced to wear hideous jeans throughout their entire pregnancy. And it turns out maternity jeans are super comfy! Perfect for airplane rides! I think everyone should have a pair. They’re like denim sweats.

October 15, 2009

project inspiration

I was trolling blogs yesterday for a bit and came across this awesome office re-do by Pearl Street Interiors on Abbey’s cute blog. I probably wouldn’t have reposted was it not for the wealth of DIY tutorials that came along with it. Mega inspiration.

She gives a tutorial on how to refinish two pieces of furniture in an extremely cost effective way. And, I’m more interested in these others, how to cover bulletin boards and how to make fabric window shades from your existing mini-blinds. I think I’ve gone to redecorating heaven.

We have mini blinds on every window in our house. They drive me insane but for whatever reason I’ve be able to live with them for the last 7 years. Look out mini-blinds. You’re about to be stripped to your skeleton and covered with fabric. Possibly this weekend.

And then there’s the bright red credenza/dresser thing and patterned cork boards. The credenza I’ll probably skip, but appreciate. Corkboards… you will be mine.

Also, I’ve always liked that Ikea rug… might be cute for baby’s room? I had a mini meltdown last night about our lack of space, our insane amount of stuff, and the impending introduction of lots more stuff into our life. Does everybody go through this when they’re about to have a baby? Brock reminded me that we could live in New York in a one bedroom apartment. True.

I’m desperately clinging to the idea that our house will remain and adult house, even with a baby. Tell me it’s possible.

September 30, 2009

i made bunting

And simultaneously conquered my fear of the bobbin. Good job me. This is called bunting, right? I never know if I’m confused or not.

Though I didn’t end up using the sewing machine I have at my house. The one from 1965 that’s been lurking in our guest room closet, behind our luggage and sleeping bags and old stretcher bars from when I used to paint. Yeah. I lugged it out. It weights approximately 75 pounds and I’m convinced is made of either lead or steel. And even my mom, who happened to be passing through town, couldn’t figure out how to wind the bobbin. You have to wind it in place. Like under the foot. It was kooky.

So instead I went to The Urban Craft Center (where I took my sewing class) and happily sewed away using a brand new, easy to operate, unmysterious machine.

(Cannot recommend this place enough, LA locals! You can pay to use studio space and supplies whenever you want. And it’s super cute and the girls are really nice and helpful. And they have laminated printouts demystifying the bobbin.)

I’ve already put in my request for the exact machine for Christmas.

Clearly, my favorite part about sewing is the fabric and patterns and colors.

I also think I may have made the most complicated, time consuming bunting ever. I realized after I already had everything cut and pinned and ironed that I could have easily just used pinking shears to make the flags and strung them along a length of yarn and the effect would have been the same.

But I was sooooo excited about sewing something. And these are a present so it’s nice that they might be a little more permanent.

Also, I’m digging these colors for a gender neutral baby room. Thoughts?

September 3, 2009

recycled houses

This is quick because we’re just about to get in the car to head to the mountains for the weekend.

My friend Danielle sent this link from a little story the New York Times did on a crafty old gentleman who builds/remodels houses using seriously recycled materials.

The photos are so beautifully inspiring, aren’t they?

Floor made out of corks! Ceiling made from frame corners!

Thanks for the link Danielle.

June 25, 2009

a sitting room…

full of sunshine and succulents. Wouldn’t you die to have one?

From Melanie’s dear friend Kate’s house (her mom’s house actually), an insanely beautiful, special, walk-around-with-jaw-on-the-floor type of California craftsman in Hollywood.

This sunroom used to be a porch on the second floor but some time in it’s history, was enclosed and turned in a perfect home for books and plants and afternoon readers.

I wish I had a better picture, but alas…