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Archive for the ‘ready to wear’ Category

May 4, 2012

Spring purchases

I’ve been feeling VERY shoppy as of late. I’m just going to admit it. Part of it is probably the fact that I can’t in fact buy myself any cute clothes because I am huge and about to have a baby and then be fat for 8 months (yay!). But I’ve made do with non-apparel purchases. Can you spot a theme?

I’m thinking coral might be the color of the season. I’m not going to feel bad about buying everything I find that I love in that shade.

Finally treated myself to the Clare Vivier bando bag that I’ve had my eye on for approximately two years. In Poppy, of course! (It’s available on Shop Pretty Mommy, but I couldn’t wait so I picked it up at Vivier & Bentley in Silverlake.)

Melanie and I made a trip to Heath and bought everything we could in their new summer collection, including the cute cork-topped canisters. And the ramekins, and a bud vase, and I want everything else too. I posted an Instagram of their summer tablescape. Is to die for.

Coral peonies, natch.

These adorable bracelets from Voz, available in the Pop-Up Shop until tonight at 6 PM. There are sooo many cute ones.

And a teeny Gap treat for new bebe. Their spring things are adorbs.

Shall I list all the things I still want? That might be a little overboard. Maybe I will save for another post… there are some good ones lined up.

April 2, 2012

Hatch Collection

You guys, I’m feeling desperate for something from Hatch Collection. DESPERATE. I’m actually feeling generally desperate for spring clothes that make me feel even the slightest bit stylish. Why do they not make sorbet-colored maternity skinny jeans? WHY? J. Crew is majorly missing out on a big market, if you ask me.

So, here’s how I’m trying to rationalize a Hatch purchase (or two). You can supposedly wear these pieces after you have the bebé. The models even show it! And models never lie!

What do we think? God, it’s all so cute I barely stand it. Also I will need new shoes and bags to go with these pieces. Probably jewelry too.

Please, someone, enable me.

(Also tempted by this Club Monaco skirt… could go under the belly now and on the waist after?)

November 17, 2011

EmersonMade in the Pop-Up Shop!

Hello there. I haven’t been the best blogger as of late, have I? Maybe this will help. Emersonmade is in the Pop-Up Shop for one day only… and unless you live under a rock, or don’t read any blogs, you’re most likely familiar with them… yes? They are after all, the young(ish) internet’s favorite brand!

Select pieces of their current collection are up to 50% off until 6PM Pacific today! Major restraint being practiced over here. Though I doubt I’ll make it through the day without at least buying a bag of tees.

Check it out!

October 20, 2011

Thief & Bandit Kiddos

I love the little navajo leggings I bought Dashiell last year from Thief & Bandit. And guess what? Amie has launched a new kids shop! Hello! So much cuteness in there just for kiddos.

(omg, he’s such a little guy in this picture!)

We’re going to need a new pair of leggings for sure. Probably a sweet tank top for next summer and maybe this rad snake shirt too. Dash is very into snakes right now… or SNAH, as he calls them.

And for a super extra surprise, Thief & Bandit is offering Lovely Morning readers a 30% for the next week! Hooray! Just use the code LOVELY2011 when you check out. All of you need sweet snakeskin leggings for your babies!

I hope someone buys this amazing quilt.

(PS. The discount code is good through next Thursday.)

(PPS. I might need this tank for myself.)

October 19, 2011

31 Bits in the Pop-Up Shop

Hi-dee-ho! We haven’t had a Pop-Up Shop post in a while, have we? I like the philosophy behind 31 Bits and their jewelry is pretty cute too.

Thought some of you might be interested in making a discount purchase, ya? Head over to the Pop-Up Shop for some shopping if you like.

September 6, 2011

On sale in the Pop-Up Shop… Eberjey!

I think this sale might appeal to every single one of you… Eberjey is on sale in the Pop-Up Shop for 40% off, peeps. I LOVE their pretty underthings and PJs, myself. Been wearing them for years. But they are a little on the expensive side so it’s a major score to see them on sale, especially when said sale is on 100LC. So biased, I know.

I’ll be shopping this shop for sure. Could really use a semi-sexy PJ update. Mine are all spitty and milk-stained, which is especially sad when you consider that my bebe is 18 months old and I quit nursing 2 months ago. New mamas, you TOTALLY deserve to be lounging around the house in PJs that make you feel slightly together. As opposed to how you actually feel in reality (aka not together at all).

Treat yourself ladies. New mamas, pregnant mamas, non-mamas. I’d be willing to bet that most of us could use an update to the intimates drawer. Check it out over here.

August 17, 2011

Perfect pregnant-nursing-neither maxi dress

Just bought this maxi dress from Gap. I’m in the neither category, but the first thing I thought when I bought this dress is that it is the world’s most perfect non-nursing nursing dress. You know, cross top with plenty of room to pull it down and not completely rip the seams out? Highly recommend it for those of you who are nursing or soon to be nursing. And as a bonus it hides the postpartum tummy. AND would be a great maternity dress. But it’s currently working as an excellent non-special-needs-lady dress for me.

Totally should have bought two, because you know how Gap things fade in like 4 washes. I think it’s mostly sold out online, but they had it in lots of sizes in the store last time I checked. AND, wait one more thing. I like that it’s ankle length! So easy to walk in. I’m telling you, it’s perfect for the end of summer.

July 15, 2011

Some summer essentials

Suann asked me to pop over to Simplesong for a little guest post while she and her family are on vacation for her sister’s wedding in Turks & Caicos (jealous!). The theme was summer essentials and here’s what I came up with… but you have to go over to her blog for the explanation and the links, since that’s how guest postin’ works!

Have a great weekend, all!

April 5, 2011

a perfect summer tote

Spotted this striped tote at the Splendid store this weekend. I’ve been thinking about it incessantly since.

It also comes is plain navy and olive, if stripes aren’t your thing. And it’s only $128, which seems reasonable for a bag I will use for a purse for the entire summer?

March 7, 2011

Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred

My friend Clare recommended The One Hundred when I commented on her awesomely huge LL Bean tote in Costa Rica. I ordered the book two days after we got home. Now that I’m coming out of my fashion hibernation, I thought it an essential addition to my nightstand.

Now I have a guide to tell me what necessities I should fill my closet with! It enforces my general (though not always followed) philosophy on shopping: buy quality, classic things that fit perfectly, last forever, and that I will wear for a long time. Even, wait no… especially, if they cost double what knock-off versions that don’t fit as well might. Quality is always worth it, if you ask me.

And they’re not all classic as in Jackie O. or Miss Hepburn. I doubt either of them would have rocked a vintage concert tee or pair of Havianas, but that’s what’s so brilliant about this book. Some things are a bit unattainable (but perhaps worth saving up for?) and others you can pick up for a song. And you’ll be surprised how many items you already have in your closet. Which is v. v. encouraging, if you ask me.

Motorcycle jacket. Check! I think mine would be considered a Bomber jacket, but it is fabulous and I love it.

Perfume. Check. Though it’s not a super fancy one. I’m partial to Jo Malone Orange Blossom.

A statement necklace. Hmm. I definitely need to work on that one. I have necklaces I love and wear often, but I do not think Nina would approve of any as my “statement”.

Stilettos. Yes yes yes yes. And I totally agree they are worth the investment. I spent more than necessary on my wedding shoes, but they are gorgeous black heels that I wear any time occasion calls.

Valid passport. Sighhh. You never know when you’ll need to jet away, I suppose. But I love that this is an essential for a stylish woman.

Diamond studs. Which are “best when large, real, and received as a gift. But large, fake, and self-purchased do the job, too.” Love the little explanations! I’d settle for medium, real, and gifted? Just saying.

Plus there’s animal print, aviators, cowboy boots, investment bag (with tips on how to spot a fake), jewelry pouches, the men’s white shirt, a one piece swimsuit… the list goes on.

Buy it. Now. You deserve.