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March 3, 2011

Imaginary birthday wish list

For my birthday that was a few weeks ago while we were in Costa Rica. I am quite happy with our trip instead of a wrapped gift, but you know, a girl likes to dream. Or at least window shop.

1) Heidi’s new cookbook, Super Natural Every Day.

2) An Alma Alan canister. Or four. The last time I was at Heath LA they had a few left. How I love.

3) A simple gold band to wear when I travel. My actual wedding ring is a bit too big to wear sans engagement ring, and I’d love something like this to wear from time to time. I tried my friend Katie’s on (she has the one pictured) and it’s perfect. But is it weird to have the same ring as someone you know??

4) Didymos Baby Wrap for, um. carrying Dashiell on my hip? I so don’t need this, but they are so incredibly gorgeous I can’t help but want one. And I’m in the market for something I can use for a hip carrier. He’s getting so heavy!

5) Sperry topsiders. I realize I’m about 2 years late on the trend, but that’s how I do it.

6) A new pair of jeans that actually fit. Probs not the ones pictured, but I like the photo.

There. Not completely unreasonable, right?

February 18, 2011

Mother denim

We’re on the way to Costa Rica! Actually we’re probably already there. Hopefully the flight went well and we’re on our way to St. Teresa already.

Now, if I hadn’t gone hardcore minimal on the packing, I would have loved a few items from the new Mother denim collection for my trip. But they are clearly not practical in any way.

At least not for Costa Rica. I’m thinking they might be very practical for spring in LA though, no?

Have a cozy long weekend. My birthday is on Sunday. I’m planning to do nothing, in a bathing suit, on the beach.

See you next week with some posts I prepared before we left. Muuah!

February 16, 2011

Packing for Costa Rica

This trip I am DETERMINED to only bring the bare essentials. Like, for serious. I am a compulsive over-packer. As in, I bring 12 tank tops for a 3 day trip to Palm Springs. And I usually wear two of them. But this trip, since we have so much baby crap that we can’t leave behind (crib, diapers, stroller, carseat, etc etc etc), I’m really trying to whittle my gear down to what I’ll actually use.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

1) My new Salt Swimwear suit 2) the perfect wrinkly button down 3) a handful of favorite tanks 4) AG slouchy jean shorts I’ve had for a few years and FINALLY fit into again 5) Linen wrap for cooler nights and nursing on the airplane/airport/ferry/anywhere 6) Lululemon undies that fit like a dream and will be easy to wash in the sink 7) a big, neutral beach hat 8) and of course Rainbows.

Plus a pair of yoga pants, a change of running clothes, a few tees, a maxi dress or two and a sweatshirt. And of course my bridesmaid dress! Now, the real question is, can I resist throwing in 30 extra things at the last minute?

December 8, 2010

Julie Rofman bracelets

Don’t you want one of Julie Rofman’s bracelets? I’ve been lusting after them for years and am just now remembering to share. Firefly carries them and I always pet them when I drop by to browse.

Stocking stuffer? To myself?

October 20, 2010

Been eyeing…

… these ikat hobos from Tylie Malibu (which come in many nice colors and patterns). I’ve visited them a number of times in person at Principessa on Abbot Kinney.

You like? Here’s the thing. I’ve been carrying a diaper bag around as a purse for the last 8 months. I am over it. I could reuse an old purse, but mama would so like a new purse more. And I like how big these are (room for diapers!). And patterned. I do like the patterns. However a supple brown leather bag for fall would also be well received.

Really anything other than a diaper bag would be good at this point.

September 10, 2010

the best nursing tanks – threads for thought

Finally, after 6 months of nursing I’ve discovered the perfect nursing tank. Actually I discovered it a few months ago, but I’ve just come to realize that it is in fact the perfect top for breastfeeding. And it’s not supposed to be a nursing tank or anything. I tried a bunch of those and don’t really LOVE any of them. They’re fussy and don’t fit exactly right and are crazy expensive for how ugly they are. But the Threads For Thought basic tank, available at Whole Foods for $8 (!!!), is quite excellent.

It’s super soft.
It has thick-ish straps so I can wear a nursing bra under it.
It’s a wee bit stretchy, so I can just pull the neck down to nurse but the seams don’t rip out.
And the organic things is a nice bonus.

I think I have 5 of these and I wear them to bed, to yoga, and around town.

Also, mine are a large and I think that’s the perfect size since the extra room allows for nursing. (For comparison, I wear a Gap size small and that’s sometimes a little big.)

For $8 you can’t really go wrong. And now that I’ve ripped all the seams out of the straps of my other tank tops, these are pretty much all I wear.

September 2, 2010

pretty triangley jewelry

I happened upon these pretties from spinthread on etsy the other day. They are quite marvelous. Have they already made the rounds on the blogs? Probably. I’m never first with the etsy finds. But aren’t they good?

I bet they would be good baby entertainment if I had one for myself. Tempting.

June 23, 2010


Also of sartorial interest last weekend…

Our bridesmaid gifts… Saako necklacey scarfy accessories:

They’re from Barcelona and you wear them over a tank top or tshirt for a bit of Spanish style. I’ve never seen anything like them. Each one is different and full of yummy colors. They also make excellent baby toys.

Check em:

June 9, 2010

consignment store gems

Kay so since I haven’t been shopping for myself in like a YEAR (minus a few purchases here and there), I’ve taken to shopping for my baby. He always fits into everything perfectly and does not have to lose pregnancy weight like some of us. Which by the way, I’m indecisive about at best. Some days I’m desperate to fit into my old things and others I’m like, “Oh who gives a shit anyway?” Mostly it’s somewhere in between. But I did get new jeans and I almost cried I was so happy I found a pair that fit.

I digress. Shopping for baby clothes is much more fun than I anticipated. But it’s also kind of silly I’ve learned, to buy things new. Unless you are in love and cannot go on breathing for another moment if you don’t see your baby in that item immediately. Which is where the consignment store comes in. I almost wish I didn’t know about them, to be honest. My neighbor Ruth gave me a list of all the good ones in our neighborhood, and now I’m starting to feel like I need to go constantly so I don’t miss out on something extra good.

Yesterday I went in for a swim diaper for our trip to Ojai this weekend, and left with an entire bag full of unbearably cute things. See:

2 Petit Bateau striped rompers – I’m becoming a baby brand whore. But their things are so cute.

I don’t know anyone who could resist a perfect pair of Osh Kosh overalls, for all of $8.

And some little plaid shorts. Aren’t they the cutest? Dashiell will be wearing those all weekend, me thinks.

I did find a brand new swim diaper, btw. And about 7 other things that I didn’t photograph. I am in love with baby resale. In love. It’s like curated thrift store shopping. Totally worth the tiny premium.

May 4, 2010

Misa Jewelry

My friend Misa makes the most gorgeous jewelry. I posted about her a long long time ago, but she’s come out with 2 new collections since then and they warrant a little sharing on the internets.

I NEEEEED this necklace. It’s so perfect.

This one is pretty good too.

And here’s a little sample of some of her other pieces.

She’s also one of the absolute nicest people I’ve ever met. You know how there are those kinds of people? They’re rare, I find. Most people have some mean-ness in them somewhere. But seriously, not Misa. She is amazing in that way. And in her jewelry making too.

She makes all of her pieces herself so you can feel great about supporting a independent artist when you wear her lovelies. I have a few from her Shima collection and I love them. But I might need to add that root choker very soon.