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February 7, 2012

A birth

Pretty amazing, attending a birth. And laboring through the night with someone else. I’m going to resist telling my version of Jen’s birth story, since you know, it’s her’s to tell if she chooses. But a few bits of story to make sense of the photos…

The poor dear had to be induced on Thursday night after her non-stress test revealed that she had very seriously low amniotic fluid. She was 6 days overdue anyway, but induction means machines and monitors and lots of pitocin, which wasn’t the birth she was hoping for. But do you know what? She was a rockstar anyway. The woman had contractions that were one minute apart from 7pm until her baby was born at 9 the next morning. That’s a whole different kind of resilience, as those of you who have given birth know.

But it was a beautiful birth anyway, as they always are.

Awww, such a happy ending. Our friend Laura was there too and she’s a midwife, which was awesome. She’s the lady laboring with Jen in most of the photos. A pro is always nice to have on hand. By the time Jen had reached her limit and the anesthesiologist was giving her an epidural, she was 10 cm and ready to push (we found out after the fact). She dilated 5 cm in 1 hour. It was wild, but she did it. And her baby boy is perfect and all is right in the world.

I tell you, in the middle of the night, watching her contractions come one after the other, I had a long period where I was really kind of dreading going into labor again. It’s long, and slow, and unknown. But then once things picked up and she was really working, really laboring, and Laura and I were helping her through each wave, I realized that I CAN do it again. She completely inspired me. It’s amazing the kind of energy a birth brings. And the part I really can’t get over is that all night we were just watching a belly, and then in one second the belly turns into a baby. A baby! Who has been in there all this time! Words can’t really describe that transition.

I also realized that um, if you think you might want to have a natural birth, it’s pretty vital that you hire a doula or have some kind of labor support with you. You will probably reach a point when you are quite literally crawling the walls, and if you’ve never been there before it’s hard to understand that what you’re feeling is right and good.

Now I can’t wait to get down to their house to visit the new family at home. That’s where the magic really happens.

January 26, 2012

19 weeks

So, weekly belly shots might be a little ambitious. How about every so often belly shots?


The bangs are being grown out. Thank you to the wise previously pregnant with bangs ladies who pointed out that NOW would be the time to grow them when my hair is growing approximately 1/4″ per day. (As evidenced by v. long hair above, that desperately needs to be cut.)

I can’t put my finger on it, except to say that I just feel it more this time. Last time I breezed through pregnancy with nary a twinge until the very end. This time it’s slightly more of a slog. But perhaps my expectations weren’t realistic and this is just normal.

Lots of tiny baby kickings already! It’s true! You really do feel the kicks much earlier the second time around. It’s pretty fun.

And Dashie is going through a particularly happy and excited phase right now. I mean, he’s always been a pretty happy guy, but he’s pushing even his limits. It’s adorable. And he loves his Ostheimer animals, btw. The giraffe makes a perfect tunnel for one of his little trains.

(Tee: Whetherly, Jeans: J Brand maternity jeggings in black… so you can’t really see them.)

January 11, 2012

16 weeks

Some of you have already figured me out, but here’s the official announcement… Baby #2 is on the way! It’s the great baby influx of 2012, if you live my life. So many women I know are pregnant, and all due within a few months of each other. I know it’s just my age and place in life, but it feels like there’s something in the water. Something very good and very amazing and very lucky, when it all comes down to it.

Last time I was pregnant I was reluctant to turn this space into a mommy blog. PWWAAAHHAHHAAHAA. Of course this is a mommy blog! I’m a mama. So many things you just don’t know the first time around (and probably the second too). So this time I’m going to be all up in the pregnancy business, including (I mean why not, right?) weekly belly shots. They’re sooo satisfying on other people’s blogs, after all. And it’s so fun dressing a growing belly. It is so NOT fun dressing a post-partum body. Oh lord, I’m not looking forward to being fat for a year again. But whatevs, I get a baby.

Hopefully this explains my complete lack of posting for the entire fall. This time around, I was sick for the first few months. Not crippled with nausea or anything, but feeling very not well at times and generally meh at others. Which does not for extra energy make. And certainly doesn’t lend itself to being creative or caring about much in general. Plus I couldn’t cook because all food was repulsive, particularly anything with “fall flavors”. Ughh those were were a tough few weeks. I spent the better part of October and November eating strictly grapefruit. Luckily I’ve come out of that and only have a few lingering aversions to manage.

When you consider that I did a total of 35 sit ups in between pregnancies it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that I seem to growing much faster this time around. Those muscles were just waiting for good old relaxin to give them the go ahead to hang out. Which in some ways was very weird… last time I had months and months of mental preparation before I had to start negotiating a belly, this time I immediately looked pregnant. As in strangers asking about due dates and family and friends guessing before I could tell them. But in other ways it’s been fabulous because I didn’t have to endure months of looking thicker and thicker before I actually started to look preggo.

I’m also so much more sensitive to the world around, which I don’t remember last time. Like tearing up when I’m listening to NPR, not because it’s sad… just because it’s interesting. Pregnancy is strange and marvelous and mysterious all at the same time.

Trying not to freak out about the reality of having two children. And not sleeping again. Oh I’m so scared for the tiredness.

So, here we go.

(PS. What do we think of the bangs? I’m considering growing them out again, even though I’ve only had them for like 4 months. They require so much maintenance!)

Shirt: J. Crew. Jeans: Paige maternity jeggings, baby! (I love them.) Scarf: oldie but goodie from Madrid, circa 1999.

August 18, 2011

Belly + baby

A few photos Melanie and I took before and after little Luciana arrived, inspired by this photo we found on Pinterest.

And because I know there are plenty of pregnant ladies and mamas out there, might I recommend reading Melanie’s beautiful birth story too? Yes it’s marvelous when birth goes as planned, but it can be just as powerfully transformative and truly magnificent when it doesn’t.

And Melanie has taken to motherhood like no one I’ve ever met. The way her child did or didn’t enter this world can’t change that. Welcome to the littlest one, and to the newest member of the mama tribe!

I love this phase of life.

August 17, 2011

Perfect pregnant-nursing-neither maxi dress

Just bought this maxi dress from Gap. I’m in the neither category, but the first thing I thought when I bought this dress is that it is the world’s most perfect non-nursing nursing dress. You know, cross top with plenty of room to pull it down and not completely rip the seams out? Highly recommend it for those of you who are nursing or soon to be nursing. And as a bonus it hides the postpartum tummy. AND would be a great maternity dress. But it’s currently working as an excellent non-special-needs-lady dress for me.

Totally should have bought two, because you know how Gap things fade in like 4 washes. I think it’s mostly sold out online, but they had it in lots of sizes in the store last time I checked. AND, wait one more thing. I like that it’s ankle length! So easy to walk in. I’m telling you, it’s perfect for the end of summer.

August 4, 2011

Birth in rural Nepal

I’ve been reading The Baby Project on NPR for a few months. I find it endlessly fascinating to follow women through the last part of their pregnancy and to hear how and when their babies were born. Anyone else been reading along?

This gorgeous story about birth in rural Nepal popped up on Saturday and I thought some of you might enjoy it. Okay, the story isn’t gorgeous, it’s kind of sad, but the photos are just amazing. Particularly the last one. Women all over the world labor the same way. Isn’t that extraordinary? I mean it’s obvious I guess, but not really.

I’m not going to say I’m obsessed with pregnancy and labor and birth, but I’m severely into it. It’s just so BIG, you know?

February 22, 2011

On losing the prego weight

Because I’m spending this week in my swim suit on the beach (ack!), I thought I’d do a little post on the dreaded post-pregnancy weight loss. Mostly just to give the rest of you who are still struggling with it a little moral support. It can be rough on the old ego, that’s for sure.

So before and even shortly after Dashiell was born, I was just CERTAIN that I’d be back to my normal size four months after he was born. Pre-pregnancy I wore a size 4 dress. So in planning for my bridesmaid dress last June (4 months postpartum), I figured I’d be easily into a size 6. After all, I like to exercise, and I’d be deep in breastfeeding! Yes! Breastfeeding! The miracle weight loss tactic!

(What I’d love to be wearing this spring, now that I’m almost back to normal and can begin to dream that I might wear fashionable clothes again. Vanessa Jackman, via Pretty Mommy)

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I’m convinced they tell you that breastfeeding helps you lose weight as part of secret plan to get more women to breastfeed. Which btw, I’m completely fine with. But magic cure-all for the extra LBs I was toting around – um, no. For that wedding I had to order a size 10 dress. It sucked. Not because of the size itself so much. More because of how many sizes UP it was from what I considered my “normal” size to be.

At 6 months we went on family vaycay to Yosemite, and looking at pictures when we got home was yet another depressing moment. I was still hideously fat (IMO). I gave up Stacy’s pita chips, which I think helped a little. But I also just tried to remind myself that it took me 10 months to gain 28 pounds and it would probably take about that long to lose them all again.

At 8 months, same. To be fair I wasn’t actively trying to lose weight. I was running a few days a week. Maybe going to a core class twice a month. Mostly just doing what moms do: hanging with their baby, trying to keep the house from looking like a hovel, and fitting in work here and there. And I kept telling myself that it wasn’t my job to be skinny! It was my job to take care of my baby and finally start to catch up on 6 months without sleep. In fact I looked at skinny people and thought, god, they have nothing better to do than fit into their skinny jeans! HOW SELFISH AND SHALLOW. (We tell ourselves what we can to get by, you know?)

By 9 months Dashiell was eating more food and nursing less and things actually started to change. My postpartum clothes were finally too big. My pre-baby clothes started to almost fit again. By 10 months I was feeling pretty good actually. And now, exactly one year later I’m miraculously and by no real effort on my part, 5 pounds under my pre-prego weight.

So the moral? Give yourself a break. If you’re not a Hollywood personality with a celebrity trainer and nutritionist, and especially if you’re exclusively breastfeeding, it’s going to take some time to get back to your old bod. Your body might insist on hanging on to the extra 5 pounds because it needs insurance while you continue to nurse full time. And even when you hit the number you’re looking for, your body is just going to be different. But remember to celebrate that! It was you baby’s home for almost 10 months, it supported him/her through the first year of life, and it’s a pretty amazing little temple when you think about it like that.

And while I wouldn’t recommend intermittent exercise and little attention to calorie intake as a reliable weight loss plan, it eventually worked for me. But it took 12 f-ing months. Most importantly, the entire experience has given me such a better perspective on food and exercise and just generally being more conscious of what’s important in my life right now. ie. NOT my jeans size.

So you pretty ladies out there who’ve recently had babies, set reasonable expectations for yourself! My friend Becca wrote a great, very real post about this same thing. Growing and birthing and raising a child takes a toll on your body, and in time you’ll be able to focus on yourself again.

At least a little. Maybe.

In the meantime, treat yourself to a cookie after you put the baby to bed. And if you have to choose between getting an extra hour of sleep and going on a run, sometimes the extra sleep for you is going to be far more beneficial to the entire family than burning a few hundred calories.

I still want to give away all of my clothes btw. Even though I fit into them, I do not want to wear them. I am a different person, after all! I am satisfying myself with online window shopping and reckless cart abandonment for now. You know what I’m saying.

October 28, 2010

Kate Spade’s mocktails

Kate Spade’s Behind the Curtain has an excellent little series on Mocktails (for and by expectant mamas). I’m staunchly against mocktails at the moment, but there may come a time when I don’t have a choice. Again.

Recipes aside, it’s just too cute not to post:

Perfect inspiration for baby shower or pregnant party drinks.

September 7, 2010

documenting a pregnancy, in style

I saw this on Highchair Critics this morn. It’s so sweet. Makes me want another tiny baby already! But I think we will be waiting a bit. You know, since we’ve just started to feel like real people again.

Super busy weekend with lots going on this week, but I’ll be back shortly with more to post.

July 21, 2010

a music video of your birth

This might be the next big thing since the Super 8 wedding vids.

Leo Hart from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.

(couldn’t embed the actual video here).

A gorgeous end to the Walk to 40 weeks series on Pacing the Panic room. Such a pretty memory from their son’s birth and the music is spot on. Keep in mind this woman has been in labor for 50+ hours. And she still looks completely beautiful and in control to the very end. Maybe I DO need a home water birth for the next babe? Or perhaps a doula who is very skilled with the video camera.

I don’t think I looked anything like this. More like a very freaked out rodeo horse. I shall file this away as inspiration, at the very least.